PopStick™ - a USB Computer
PopStick™ - a USB Computer

PopStick™ - a USB Computer

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PopStick™ is a USB Computer

Running the latest Linux Kernel

PopStick™ can plug into any computer with a USB-A port or any other USB port with a simple adapter (sold separately). With an adapter, it can also plug into any cell phone or device with a USB Micro-B, USB-C or Lightning® connector.

Upon plugging PopStick™ into a host, it can appear as any type of USB device that you desire. Want it to show up as a scriptable USB Keyboard and Mouse? No Problem. Would you like to SSH into it or run a webserver on it? PopStick™ can appear as a USB Ethernet device. Have something completely custom in mind? The possibilities are endless.

Hardware Specifications:

  • CPU: ARM926EJ-S (ARMv5TE) @ 533 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB Embedded DDR1
  • Storage:
    • 128 MB SPI NAND Flash for Operating System
    • Micro SD Card Slot
  • 1x USB-A connector: Capable of presenting USB Gadget devices to a Host Computer.
    (USB Gadget devices include: USB Ethernet, Serial, Mass Storage Device, Keyboard / Mouse, etc.)
  • 1x USB Micro-B connector: Presents a Dedicated USB-to-Serial Console for direct control.

For more information please visit: https://www.usbcomputer.com